How to Find a Good Water Restoration Contractor

Many different factors can easily cause water disasters from broken pipes to river overflows and flash floods, which is why water damage to homes and commercial establishments is fairly common. Because of this, you can find plenty of restoration companies that can respond to a water crisis offering services from just water extraction and cleanup to full service restoration contractors that do it all, from water extraction and cleanup all the way to rebuilding and reconstructing.

Finding a good water restoration contractor is easy with the help of the internet. Using any internet search engine, just type the words 'water damage or insurance restoration' in the search box followed by your location. You will get basically two types of search results - the direct website of the water damage contractor in your area or a directory site that will list all contractors servicing your location. You can also check the yellow pages to get the same information, but in the information age, more and more companies are relying on the internet and their companies websites (or facebook pages) to attract business.

If the damage is covered by your homeowners' insurance policy, it is possible that your insurance agent or adjustor may recommend a company or two they have worked with in the past. You will need to confirm that the suggested company is the right company for you! It is always important to find your own restoration contractor, someone who will be working for you, and NOT for your insurance company. Yes, the insurance company or adjuster knows many contractors, But it is still YOUR house. Hiring a contractor of YOUR choice will have no effect on how your claim is handled and how funds are paid.

Other easy and similarly effective ways to find a good water damage company is to simply ask around. Contractors that have developed a good reputation for their service typically grow their client base through word of mouth.

In addition, make sure to look at the qualifications of the contractor to verify if they are licensed to operate as a water damage restoration company and whether they are properly insured. A contractor's insurance will cover damage to your property that is caused by the contractor as well as injuries that may happen on your site during the performance of the job. Before you decide on a contractor, do not forget to ask for a written quote of the job. Because the majority of the insurance industry uses the same cost estimating software, most good quality restoration companies use the"Xactimate" software to come up with a repair and restoration cost estimate that matches insurance guidelines.